What’s Your Summer Stack?

Summer Stack

While many of the schools outside of the Northeast have finished already, today is officially my last day of school and first day of summer vacation! I have all my books lined up for reading and have already begun to dive into the young adult literature voraciously.

Professional Text

There are two professional books in my stack of books and one I already started reading and the ideas are pouring out. I have marked up the text so much and started making notes for teaching ideas in September. Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johansen’s Teaching Interpretation using text based evidence to construct meaning (Heinemann, 2014) spills out with so many ideas that support close reading. The main idea of the book is help facilitate students to utilizing an interpretation framework to help read and think critically about a text. The interpretation framework includes help students read closely, come up with theories, gather evidence, and test out theories. The book is Common Core aligned throughout and at the end of every chapter there is a section titled “If . . . Try . . .” for both struggling readers and strategies for advanced readers. This book I highly recommend literacy teachers.

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I will continue to share great ideas that I gather while reading this summer. I hope that you have a few good books to read. And if you have one to recommend, please share in the comment section on this blog.

Happy Summer !

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