You Have to Read This Now! Book Trailer Projects

For a summer reading assessment my students created a movie trailer for the second required reading book they completed. Students selected a second summer reading book based on a list of titles recommended by their teachers.  I am over the book reports, power points, and dressing up as one of the characters as a way to assess readers in “creative ways.”  I wanted students to impress me with their technology and reading skills by creating a book trailer that would captivate an audience to go out and buy the book.

I did not give my students any models for the book trailers.  Rather, I handed them the assignment and gave them two weeks outside of class to show me  a book trailer that made me say, “I gotta read that book now.”

I am beyond impressed by the awesomeness that my students created!  Some of the trailers give me chills and others make me think I have the next Oscar award winning director sitting in my classroom.

Technology can be used to create a wide variety of reading assessments.  Whether using video, Prezi, Storybird, Glogster, or blogging, there are unlimited web 2.0 applications that allow student to share what they know and read in a creative way with others (not just the teacher).  All my students’ book trailers would uploaded on to our class Wiki so they could be seen by many.

Mark Prensky said, “Instead of looking at our kids’ test scores, let’s see them as individual people and partners in learning.” The trailers that my students created tell me so much more about them as individuals, thinkers, and creators, rather than a test score. My goal as a teacher is to balance between the tests and the projects so that I can encourage a sense of independence, critical thinking, and close reading capacities in all of my students.

Here are a few of my students’ trailers just to get you to go out and read the book!

You Have to Read This Now! Book Trailer Projects

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