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Design and Delivery in a Blended Learning Jungle Texthelp Virtual Conference

This week Texthelp launched a virtual conference “Design and Delivery in a Blended Learning Jungle” to help educators navigate through the current blended learning plans with schools reopening during the pandemic. The three day virtual conference was a huge success with more than 6,000 educators around the world and 28 speakers addressing how to support students and make learning successful despite COVID-19. Don’t worry if you were not able to attend the conference, you can still sign up to watch the awesome presentations which are available until September 20th, 2020.

The theme among the speakers was about making blended learning lessons that are flexible, feasible, family friendly, and fun. These core ideas were the center of Tinashe Blanchet‘s presentation. All of the presenter spoke about think deeply about delivering instruction that is engaging, relevant and most of all, doable to their students during this unprecedented time. Casey Bell and Shaelynn Farnsworth spoke about tech tools and strategies to support all learners from Google Extensions to Assistive Technology.

Shaelynn Farnsworth, Vicki Davis, Diana Petschauer, and I spoke about how help our students learn how to personalize their learning, use multiple modalities and build relationships with their teachers and each other. My own presentations highlighted tools and strategies to support ALL the readers in your classroom. In a blended learning environment we want to empower readers with opportunities to leverage technology so they can be in control of their own learning and achieve their personalized reading goals. Check out my presentation below.

Vicki Davis’ closing keynote mentions many tools to support the readers in our classroom. She says “we teach in a blended way it is a different mode of teaching and we need to redefine learning and engagement.”

This year all teachers are embarking on a new learning and teaching experiences. Our classrooms will not look like what they have in the past. We need to help support students so they can be successful no matter the blended learning environment.

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