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Summer Months Virtual Learning Calendar

Virtual Learning Opportunities

One of the positive things that has emerged from COVID-19’s quarantine and remote learning is the wide abundance of virtual learning opportunities available now. I find that in-between teaching remotely, reading and writing I am also able to take classes, attend virtual lectures, and participate in enriching conversations. I have been lucky enough to expand my horizons virtually, travel the globe, learn new cooking techniques, and gain insight about history, writing, health, and so much more. This has allowed me to maintain my physical and mental curiosity and health.

I have put together a virtual learning calendar for my students and families for the month of June and will continue to share more opportunities for July and August. I want my students to have opportunities to “learn” this summer and even if it has to be virtually, there are incredible enrichment experiences online.

I want to share this virtual learning calendar with my readers so they can also access the abundance of opportunities online. When you click on each picture, it will take you to a different video, article, podcast, reading list, class, or virtual tour.

Wishing you a happy summer where you can quench your curiosity.


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