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I am always excited to talk and share about hyperdocs, playlists, and choice boards. These differentiated and personalized learning opportunities for students are utilized with each unit I teach in 8th grade English. I am sharing my slide deck for #FETC23 in New Orleans for my Mega Share presentation on Monday, January 23rd. Participants will learn about hyperdocs, playlists, and choice boards and the capabilities these blended learning teaching strategies have to offer.

Hyperdocs and playlists are Google docs/slides/drawings filled with hyperlinks to a variety of structured learning opportunities. HyperDocs and playlists can be a useful tool for in personal learning, distance learning, and even blended learning opportunities for unit of study and multi-day lessons. Hyperdocs and playlists promote a self-paced structure that enable students to take charge and choose different activities that align with the learning objective of the Hyperdoc or playlist.

Teachers can enhance their teaching toolbox to support the diverse learners in the classroom with hyperdocs, playlists, and choice boards. I will also share digital platforms and apps to support the diverse learners to create meaningful classroom experiences that promote reading, critical thinking and digital literacy. So, it is up to educators to provide students with a plethora of tools and strategies so they have the opportunity to choose which will best help them reach their learning goals.

Below is a list of different playlists, choice boards, and hyperdocs I have created for my middle school student and share in the slide deck above. Feel free to make a copy of these and adapt for your own classroom use. Please be sure to credit those whose materials you are using, adapting, and borrowing. 


Anti Asian Hate Now & Then: Parallels W/Japanese Internment & WW2 

WW2 & The Holocaust

World War II Military

The History & Fiction of Hunters on Amazon Prime

19th Amendment Centennial

Literature & ELA:

Animal Farm Week One & Week Two 

Raymond’s Run Hyperdoc

Ransom of the Red Chief Hyperdoc

Poetry Choice Boards

Mystery Writing

Movie Viewing & Media Literacy:

Black Panther Origins (Pre-Viewing Guide) & Viewing 

Black Panther Movie Analysis Choice Board

Twilight Zone

Getting to Know Your Students:

Get to Know You Think Tac Toe (Choice Board)

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NWelearn, NWMET, eLearning Consortium of Colorado 2021 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE

The eLearning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC), the Northwest Managers of Educational Technology (NW/MET) and the NW eLearning Community (NWeLearn) eLearning conference 2021 is a free three day virtual conference with over 100+ sessions addressing educational technology trends held April 7-9, 2021.

Registration is free and includes access to all three days and 100+ sessions. Be sure to Register for the 2021 conference and gain access to the amazing presentations.

Preview the slide deck from my session on creating podcasts with students:

Creating podcasts with students is about sparking active listeners, thoughtful creators, and engaged citizens.

When students are listening to podcasts they are able to:

  • Listen, comprehend, & analyze audio texts
  • Critically response to audio texts as a collection of choices that create meaning and emotion
  • Apply language, techniques, and vocabulary of podcasting
  • When students create podcasts they are able to:

  • Celebrate self expression and imagination
  • Make intentional choices that support current vision
  • Utilize technology with imagination and confidence
  • Participate in reflective process that welcomes feedback
  • Students make connections when listening and creating podcasts and then are able to:

  • Welcome the diversity and commonalities of perspectives, stories, & experiences
  • Practice empathy and communicate with open minds
  • Become thoughtful and curious media consumers
  • Share and receive new ideas
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