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Teen Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

Early this morning I was at the Long Beach, L.I. farmer’s market and I met an amazing thirteen year old boy who has his own business selling a variety of duct tape wallets and bags.  The bags and other products were so, cool that I had to buy a wallet  and a small bag for my daughter (modeling below).


Dan sells his wears at craft fairs and on etsy.com. While attending camp this summer at the Queens Museum of Art, the museum staff noticed Dan’s duck tape products and skills and now sell them at the museum’s gift shop!  In addition, a local artisan on Long Island asked Dan to teach duck tape workshops to other kids at her art studio. Here is a young person with skills and smarts, and an interest in helping others. The proceeds for Dan’s duck tape products go to Blue Card, a charity that provides financial assistance to Holocaust survivors living in poverty. Blue Card states on its website that one-third of Holocaust survivors are living in poverty and the organization helps with financial support, medical care, and food for these survivors.

I love meeting young entrepreneurs. They are creative, driven, have a social consciousness and want to do good. Cultivating entrepreneurial skills in young people can help them throughout life.  Entrepreneurship helps young people utilize a multitude of skills including, but not limited to, math (economics, analysis of figures, percentages, interest, and budgeting) and technology skills (utilizing social media and the internet to retrieve and disseminate information).  Young people are creators and they have the power to change all our lives. Teachers and parents need to help cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in all young people.  We can do this by telling and showing young people that their ideas really and truly matter.

To learn more about Dan’s Duck Tape Products you can visit him on Facebook or Etsy.

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