Are you looking for engaging and relevant professional development?

Do you need help writing curriculum that addresses common core standards and is intellectually stimulating and relevant to young people today?


The Teaching Factor offers a variety of consulting services and curriculum materials to help support educators.  The Teaching Factor consulting services include:


>Coaching and Mentoring Teachers

>Curriculum Writing & Design

>Teacher Training & Professional Development

The Teaching Factor seeks to provide personal learning experiences that meet the learning objectives of your school or school district. We will work with you to meet your educational goals to improve student learning outcomes.

Founder of The Teaching Factor, Michele L. Haiken, Ed.D. regularly brings her literacy education expertise to conferences across the country.  Past topics have included technology, media literacy, and enhancing literacy across the content areas.

Recent presentations and workshops:


Digital Tools to Boost Literacy and Learning

Deepening Literacy Across the Content Areas

Gamification: Level Up Classroom Learning

How to Set Up Twitter Book Clubs in Your Classroom/School to Promote Authentic Reading

 If you are interested in more information please complete the form below.

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