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A collection of creative lessons offers ideas for integrating design thinking, literacy and STEAM to drive SEL skills including self-awareness, self-management, mindfulness, responsible decision-making and social awareness.

Research shows that creativity can be beneficial for mental health and can help build critical skills such as empathy and introspection, while social-emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of education and human development.

This book bridges these two ideas with a series of creative projects that foster SEL learning by promoting growth mindset, supporting mindfulness, offering ways to cope with anxiety and stress, and encouraging and guiding positive social activism.

Opening with an overview of research behind the integration of SEL and creativity, the book then features a variety of lessons based on the above themes, illustrating how to deepen SEL by integrating the arts and STEAM learning in creative and authentic ways. The activities are drawn from the work of the authors and a diverse group of educator contributors to provide engaging, insightful and culturally responsive learning opportunities appropriate for traditional or online/blended learning environments.

The book:

  • Highlights a diverse array of educators, innovators and design-thinkers who share their insights on SEL, STEAM and creativity.
  • Offers an accessible and fun approach to teaching SEL, which is critical to education and human development.
  • Guides teachers in implementing the following ISTE Standards for Students: Creative Communicator, Innovative Designer and Knowledge Constructor.

This book invites teachers to consider a variety of formats — print and digital, audio, video games and more — and shows how helping students become creators and design-thinkers can foster SEL. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon or ISTE.


Podcasts come in a variety of formats covering a wide range of content areas. For example, informational podcasts can take the form of investigative journalism, interviews and storytelling, and can provide ways to explore problems and solutions, and cause and effect. The more students have access to high-quality podcast models, the more they’re able to think about how they want to structure their podcasts and engage their listeners. Order your copy on Amazon or ISTE Books website.


The world should be the driving curriculum in our schools. Assignments should be authentic, have real-world connections and encourage students to create meaningful work. Accordingly, texts read in school should go beyond fiction and nonfiction, and include podcasts, popular culture, games and films to help students build writing and critical-thinking skills. New Realms for Writing features a variety of teacher-created resources and samples of student work to illustrate how teachers can design inquiry units for their content area that are authentic and engage students while developing digital age skills.


Due to the diversity of readers in today’s classrooms, teachers are called upon to teach not reading, but readers. Personalized Reading highlights four different types of readers — the struggling reader, the reluctant reader, English learners and advanced readers — and presents ways to use technology tools to accommodate their different reading styles. With this book, teachers will develop the skills they need to help students select their own texts, conduct reading workshops and teach students to read both print and visual texts, while identifying what works best for each student to maximize learning and potential.

This book will: help teachers empower students with the skills and strategies they need for reading success, and to find joy in reading; inspire teachers to think beyond the text to help meet students where they are and raise the level of thinking about teaching readers; and provide activities and lessons to help support the diverse learners that enter the classroom, highlighting a variety of technology tools to tap into the multifaceted texts students can access.

Here is what people are saying . . .

“I want to personalize reading for my students. This book helped me put tech tools I’ve been exposed to into perspective. With a section for struggling, reluctant, ELL, and advanced readers, Michele’s very specific examples and “how to”s (with links to boot!) made using the technology she suggested feasible for teachers who already have so much going on. We do not have one-size-fits-all students, so the tips in this book help teachers personalize the reading (and LEARNING) experiences of our diverse students.”Today’s learning is blended, personalized, and digital,” for sure, and this book is all about providing the blend, choice, and tools so our students succeed as readers and learners.” — @joykirr, Author and Educator


Literacy is at the heart of education — and what better way to teach this important subject than through the motivational techniques built into gamification?

With Gamify Literacy, teacher Michele Haiken brings together top educators and gaming professionals to share gamification strategies, demonstrating how teachers can use gaming tools and activities to improve literacy and content learning.

This friendly, accessible guide provides classroom educators and tech coaches with tips and inspiration on how to apply gaming techniques to improve literacy and deepen student collaboration and critical thinking.

This book includes:

  • Tips for implementing gaming techniques to engage and motivate students.
  • Fun and engaging design to complement a game-based approach to learning.
  • Examples that can easily be modified for different grade levels.

Order a copy of Gamify Literacy through ISTE or Amazon

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