NWelearn, NWMET, eLearning Consortium of Colorado 2021 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE

The eLearning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC), the Northwest Managers of Educational Technology (NW/MET) and the NW eLearning Community (NWeLearn) eLearning conference 2021 is a free three day virtual conference with over 100+ sessions addressing educational technology trends held April 7-9, 2021.

Registration is free and includes access to all three days and 100+ sessions. Be sure to Register for the 2021 conference and gain access to the amazing presentations.

Preview the slide deck from my session on creating podcasts with students:

Creating podcasts with students is about sparking active listeners, thoughtful creators, and engaged citizens.

When students are listening to podcasts they are able to:

  • Listen, comprehend, & analyze audio texts
  • Critically response to audio texts as a collection of choices that create meaning and emotion
  • Apply language, techniques, and vocabulary of podcasting
  • When students create podcasts they are able to:

  • Celebrate self expression and imagination
  • Make intentional choices that support current vision
  • Utilize technology with imagination and confidence
  • Participate in reflective process that welcomes feedback
  • Students make connections when listening and creating podcasts and then are able to:

  • Welcome the diversity and commonalities of perspectives, stories, & experiences
  • Practice empathy and communicate with open minds
  • Become thoughtful and curious media consumers
  • Share and receive new ideas
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