The Teaching Factor’s 18 Highlights of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I want to reflect on the highlights of this past year. I was out and about presenting and learning from amazing people around the United States. Attending and presenting at conferences allows me to grow as a teacher and bring back to my students and colleagues best practices. As a teacher one should never stop learning. I look forward to another year of growth, professional development, connecting, and evolution as an educator.


Learning & the Brain Conference; Boston, MA

CECA CASL; Foxwoods, Connecticut

Scholastic Reading Summit; Greenwich, CT

ISTE Annual Conference; Chicago, IL

Summer Spark; Milwaukee, WI


Mockingbird Should Be Part of a Larger LessonSchool Library Journal 10/2018

Personalized Reading: Digital Strategies & Tools to Support All Learners; ISTE, 06/2018

4 Ways to Personalized Reading for All Learners; ISTE Blog, 4/2018

4 Interactive Tools to Help Learners Build Reading Skills; ISTE Blog 3/2018

Teaching Highlights:

Nonfiction Journalism Quest

Literary Menu Summer Reading Assignment

Sonnet Project

WWII Multi genre Writing Project

More To Look Forward to in 2019:

New Realms for Writing to be published June 2019

More Virtual Reality and Maker Space

Innovative Literacy

Evolving and Expanding Gamification

Digital Citizenship as immersive curriculum

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