I WIll Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

After three days of tedious testing I feel the need to share this video.

I have mixed feelings about the Common Core aligned New York State test designed by Pearson Assessments.

The 2014 eighth grade exam consisted of a total of twelve reading passages (majority non-fiction), 49 multiple choice reading comprehension questions, eight short responses, and two essays.

Students were asked repeatedly questions about the author’s craft, evidence to support the claim and main idea, the author’s point of view, vocabulary in context, and how the author develops his/her argument or central idea.

The most challenging text was a poem by Newbery awarded author, Laura Amy Schlitz. Her poem, “Edgar’s Falcon,” from Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village (2007), about life in an English village in 1255 as told by the local children, was the one text my students lamented about after the exam.

In light of these three exam days, teachers and parents need to remind young people that test scores do not determine their success in life. Our students are more than a number.

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