Ask, and you shall receive . . . An Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Last year I designed an entrepreneurial elective for my middle school students.  Unfortunately, after all the time that I spent in creating this curriculum I have not been able to teach the course.  A few people have requested this curriculum which I wrote about in a previous blog post. I am including a link to this curriculum to share with others in a classroom or youth group setting.  As much as we need to focus on literacy, it is my personal belief that entrepreneurship is a necessary skill to teach young people today.

Click Here to read the curriculum.


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3 thoughts on “Ask, and you shall receive . . . An Entrepreneurship Curriculum

  1. Awesome subject to teach in school. We learn about a host of other information, but entrepreneurial skills can sustain you when the other knowledge cannot. So cool!

  2. Don Barkman says:

    I applaud your efforts to bring business understanding to middle school students. I have been doing that for adults in the workforce for over 25 years. To that end, I created a program called “BIZ WIZ” and registered the name with the Trademark office some years ago. To prevent confusion between your program and mine, I would like you to add to your materials this statement “BIZ WIZ” is a registered trademark of The Business Center, Oak Ridge, TN.” The small superscript “R” in a circle symbol should be used with “BIZ WIZ.” You have obviously done a tremendous amount of work in creating your curriculum so I trust this one clarification is doable. I wish you much success with your efforts. Don Barkman, President, The Business Center

    • Dear Mr. Barkman,

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. After much consideration of your comment I have decided not to use “Biz Wiz” as the title of the curriculum so as not to conflict with your trademark and business. I have removed from the curriculum title and throughout “Biz Wiz.”

      Michele L. Haiken

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