5 Things I Will Do Differently as a Result of #Edscape 2013

Today I attended the Edscape Conference at New Milford High School in New Milford, NJ.  If you participate in #Satchat or the 140Characters Conference you might know many of the innovative educators presenting at Edscape, sharing ideas about innovation, collaboration, and transformative teaching and learning practices. The conference is organized by principal, Eric Sheninger of New Milford High School and Teq.  Throughout the day I was inspired, made connections, and collaborated and networked with many educators.

Here are a few things that I am going to as a result of the conference when I go back to my classroom on Monday morning:

1. “Be More Dog”

George Couros, principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division in Alberta, Canada kicked off the conference with a hilarious and meaningful keynote. He spoke about meaningful creation, disrupting our routine, and allowing our students the opportunities to do the extraordinary.

2. Create a Paperless Digital Classroom

Each year I challenge myself to use less paper and teacher at NMHS, Vikki Smith, shared how she has gone completely paperless in her High School science class this year by using Nearpod, Edmodo, mobile devices, and Classmarker. Class wikis, blogs, and Google Drive are also great tools to help reduce the amount of paper used in schools for worksheets, and handouts. I am going to try out the Classmarker for creating and administering a quiz this month.

3. Participate in the Global Collaborator Network

This fall my middle school students are participating in the global collaborative project “Digitween” created by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis of the Flat Classroom Project. The project centers around digital citizenship. But digital citizenship is not one lesson that is taught one day. Rather, teaching digital citizenship is ongoing so that my students understand their responsibility as a global citizen. Bill Krakower and other teachers of the Global Collaborator Network shared many more global collaborative projects that teachers and students can participate in.

4. Allow Opportunities for Voice, Choice, and Authentic Audience

The assessments and projects that my students do in my class need to matter in life, not just in school. Dr. Robert Dillon addressed how voice, choice, and authentic audience need to be central to learning. These three elements are the keys to engagement and integration.

5. Use Twitter for Reading Comprehension and Literary Analysis

Teacher Matthew Morone shared his experiences with his class using Twitter as a tool in his English classroom. As my students are reading we will try out Twitter as a web tool to record observations, define terms, decipher allusions, apply critical theories, argue claims, and justify connections with others.

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61 thoughts on “5 Things I Will Do Differently as a Result of #Edscape 2013

  1. Dylan R. says:

    Dylan R.
    Period 2

    I think to be more dog, it means to be more excited about things,
    and not so bored. We should be more creative with things, and have more fun with things.

  2. Fatima Velasquez says:

    Period 6
    I think to be more dog means to be more active, try different things and have fun with people instead of staying at home watching tv.

  3. Becca Daniels period 7 says:

    To be “more dog” means to see the good in more of the things around you and have fun with everything you do or strive for.

  4. Hannah B says:

    Hannah B
    Period 7

    I think to be more dog means to do something more exciting. Maybe think outside the box, do something that is not normal and interesting. Changing your view and thinking from a different perspective.

  5. Mackenzie N. says:

    Mackenzie N.
    Period 2

    I think be more dog means to have a more positive outlook on life, and instead of being so bored, look at all the amazing things and get more excited.

  6. Sean H says:

    To be more dog means to be creative and even be a little different. That we shouldn’t always just stick with what is ordinary or normal and to be a little more unique.

  7. Shannon Ryan says:

    “Be More Dog” is telling people to be more optimistic. Instead of thinking of everything as boring, think of it in ways that make it fun for you. Be exited to do things when you get up every morning instead of being grumpy. ” Be More Dog” is telling you to look at life with a positive attitude and you will be a much happier person.

  8. Kaitlyn R. says:

    Kaitlyn R.

    Period 7

    I think this video means that we shouldn’t be so lazy, like a cat, and go after the things we desire. Everyday, we must let go of the little things and just enjoy life. Carpe Diem, to seize the day, means to live life to the fullest and just think of the bigger picture. Go into the world and fight for what you believe in.

  9. Max S says:

    Max H. Samberg
    Period 6

    This video is meant to tell the viewers to be different and to not keep doing the same things over and over again. Sometimes you have got to set yourself free.


  10. Julia C. says:

    Julia C.
    Per 6

    To be more dog means to participate more in life and enjoy it. In the beginning, the cat looked bored and expressionless. Then, when the cat became more dog, it played, ran, and did things most cats wouldn’t do. Dogs usually run around, play, and be happy until they get tired. Cats usually just walk around and sleep. Therefore, the cat was particpating and making the most of its life.

  11. Julia Garfinkel says:

    Julia G.
    Period 6

    This video was very funny! I thought it was clever how they made the cat want to become more dog. I believe that to be more dog is to be active, creative, and fun.

    • Will Tepedino says:

      I took the video as its a chance to do something knew for once and stop being bored. The world is a intresting place and you have to step out of your comfort zone and be more dog. School may be boring but everyday you learn something knew.

    • Roka H. says:


      This video tells us that every cat can be different if it choses to do so. Tells us we also have to be more active, because even a cat can do it.

  12. Adele H. says:

    To be more dog means to be excited, hopeful and optimistic about everything in life. Cats are usually expressionless and bored, but dogs have fun.

  13. Hannah W. says:

    The be more dog video is about trying new things and being open to new ideas. This means that we should enjoy life and be optimistic.

  14. Dylan U.
    Period 2

    To be more dog, i think is to try new things and do things that are amazing

  15. Jack says:

    Per. 7
    To be More Dog tells us that you shouldn’t be lazy and inactive like a cat, but to be outgoing and energenic like a dog. Also you have to be creative.

  16. Minori Aoki says:

    Minori A.
    Period 6

    The typical unexcited cat in the video becomes an active new creature, a dog which can swim and run in a free world. It tells me that I can be someone who is completely different or opposite from me. I think to be more dog is to be more positive, and see the world around you from different point of view.

  17. Caroline O says:

    Caroline O
    Period 3
    In my opinion, the video of ‘Be More Dog’ is supposed to encourage people to become more active in everything they do instead of just taking life for granted.

  18. Olivia G. says:

    I think “be more dog” means to be more active and not just lounge around doing nothing all day. The video is trying to inspire you to go outside and enjoy life.

  19. Virginia M. says:

    Virginia M.
    Period 3
    I think to be more dog means to have better look of life and to be more creative. We need to be more creative in life and be need to always be happy and look at the good side of things not only the bad.

  20. Tom Cassidy says:

    To be more dog means to not be boring but to be outgoing, adventurous, fun, and overall playful. This video was super funny.

  21. Margaret M says:

    Margaret M
    Period 3

    I really enjoyed watching how to me more dog and thought it was very creative. I think that to be more dog means to be more active and aware of things. Also, to be different.

  22. Liz H says:

    I thought this video was a very comedic way of saying that we all need to be less lazy and just live life, and chase some cars 🙂 I also think they are saying we need to go outside more and be active and stop being self-concious about everything around us.

  23. Pablo Period 7 says:

    To be more dog, it would seem, is to be more optimistic, lively, and playful, as opposed to being cat, which according to this video, is being cold, uncaring, and overall gloomy. This metaphor works because dogs are usually much more playful and (in my opinion) fun to be with. A person leaning towards the dog side would be extroverted, joyful, and lighthearted than a cat person.

  24. Melissa Bergin says:

    I think to be more dog means to have more fun in life. I also thought it means to be more active. I thought this video was hilarious and I loved it.

  25. Liam says:

    Liam F. –
    To be more dog is to accept all possibilities, and live freely, like a dog. it means to live to the fullest and be the best, happiest, most friendly person you can be.

  26. Gillian L says:

    The video “Be More Dog” was intended to tell people to try something new. Don’t trap yourself in a repetitive life just because it’s normal for you. It’s okay to try and see things in a new way. Try not to be so closed-minded, shine a light on a new subject and it may greatly surprise you. If what you’re doing is not typical, don’t worry about it! you may end up being a happier person afterwards.

  27. Ari D. says:

    I think that “Be More Dog” shows that the cat likes to live in the moment and be himself and that to be more dog is to be yourself and have fun doing it.

  28. Mackenzie S says:

    I think the video Be More Dog is telling us to be less “cat” (unimpressed and blah about everything), and instead be more active, find what’s “amazing” in what we do, and have fun with it, or be more “dog” and seize the day.

  29. Kristina M. says:

    The website was really cool, i showed it to my parents and it had them playing with it too. i think to be more dog is to get outside and really appreciate what the world has to offer. Take risks, be adventurous and not… meh.

  30. Andy Bach says:

    To be more dog means to try new things and be active.

  31. Abby F says:

    To “be more dog” means to be more positive in life. To enjoy your time while you can, and to let go a little, and be more free. Towards the end of the video, the cat becomes “more dog” and lives life to the fullest. I think I could “be more dog” this year by reading more, and enjoy writing more, instead of reading the same things, and writing because of a school project, or test.

  32. Zac Bunder says:

    This video is extremely inspiring since it shows how motivation can lead one to success. The cat clearly had a boring and pathetic life, with little desire to have pleasure and experience the outside world. When the cat decides to explore a different path, he sees that trying new things can be exciting and fun. The cat was able to appreciate the world around him, not just sitting around like a bump on a log. The lesson is that it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s what you do with your life.

  33. Dennis K says:

    Dennis K.
    Period 7

    Be more dog means to be more spontaneous and exciting like a dog and to make the most out of life instead of wasting your time watching tv or playing videos. Also, instead of living the same life and doing the same routine every day, you should mix things up and keep everyone on their toes.

  34. Charlotte Reisner says:

    I think that “Be More Dog” means to have fun, be active, and be courageous. It is also telling people to look at the positives in life and not to look at all the bad ones. The message of this video was to be brave and daring and to try something new out of your comfort zone. Trying something and reinventing just might have a positive outcome. Therefore, after watching this video, I am going to try to be more courageous and enjoy everyday of my life.

  35. I really liked this video! I think that being more dog means to be active and try new things instead of getting stuck in a routine that you follow everyday of your life.

  36. This video was funny, it shows that cats and dogs can work together. Which means even if you’re not friends with someone you can still work together. also to be different try new things not just sit around.

  37. Juliann Groglio says:

    To be “more dog” means to be more exciting and active. Being more dog is a lot more fun and you will enjoy yourself more. Be more dog!

  38. Troy Gilman says:

    To be more dog means to go out and do things with your life instead of watching from the sidlines.

  39. Owen H. says:

    Owen H.
    Period 6

    To be more “dog like” is when you don’t let anything stop you from having fun, and when you don’t stay home and do nothing all day. This video is showing everyone that it doesnt matter if you are bad at a sport or arent a good runner but, it doesnt mean you cant have fun and try it.

  40. James Greer says:

    It was funny. It shows that a cat just sits around all day doing nothing, but a dog is more outgoing. So the cat wants to “be more dog”. When you see a dog do these things its normal, but if you see a cat doing them it is extrordenary.

  41. Christina Cardino says:

    Christina Cardino
    Period 7

    To be more dog means to be different and do different things. Also to be more active, optimistic and creative.

  42. Taylor Volpe says:

    To “Be More Dog” means to try different things. To be more active and look at things in a more positive way. You should have fun with what you and be different with who you are.

  43. AJ Thompson says:

    I think the video means that once in a while you have to change what you do everyday and to try to do something different for once. The cat in the video tried to change his life by trying to “be more dog”.

  44. Chrissy Nisi says:

    I thought this video was very funny. In my opinion “to be more dog” means to let loose and have fun, not sit around and be lazy. I believe that the author is portraying the message to have fun, be active, and do what you want.

  45. Emma S. says:

    “Being more dog” means we need to be less lazy and detached in life. We need to “get out there”, “put ourselves out there”, and enjoy things more. As mentioned in the video, we need to “Carpe diem” (seize the day) and live life.

  46. Shota Takizawa says:

    To “be more dog” means to be more extroverted and active instead of being lazy inside the house, watching tv etc and I think this video meant to encourage most of the teenagers to be more outgoing.

  47. Gavin Kenny says:

    Gavin K
    Per 2

    I thought the video was funny. i thought the video represents becoming more active like dogs are and it doesnt matter who or what you are you should still get active like a dog.

  48. “To be more dog“ I think means that life is a meant to be lived to the fullest. To have your own personality rather than being dull and boring and repeating the same thing over and over again, to the point of “death by boredom”. To be your own person and enjoy what life has to offer is “To be more dog”.

  49. Rio. E says:

    Rio. E
    Period 6

    I think to be more dog means to be more active, creative, and challenging, and sometimes be different from others no matter what they think about you.

  50. Rina.Y says:

    I think the video wants to say that we should be more active like a dog, but to be honest I like cats and be a cat more than dog.

  51. Marina GS says:

    To be more dog means to be more crative and to take advantage in life, enjoy it and have fun. I also means to look at things with many different perspectives, and always be positive.

  52. Andy Dabinett says:

    “Be more more dog” means to be more outgoing and adventurous. A dog is constantly moving around, doing things and being productive. Therefore, to be more dog means to do all of these things more often instead of being mopey and not nearly as productive. I can be more dog this year by contributing more to class, going for the “A” on all assignments and being constantly engaged and active in class.

  53. matthew brown says:

    I think “Be More Dog” means be what you want to be, not what others tell you to be.

  54. Amanda Engels says:

    I think to “be more dog” means to live life to its full potential. Instead of continuing to do the same old boring activities, the phrase suggests to try more things and live life to the fullest.

  55. Tess Eberhardt says:

    Period 7
    I think to be more dog means to be more adventurous and to never be bored. This video is trying to tell us to stop being like lazy cats that do the same thing everyday. There are so many things to explore in the world and we shouldn’t waste our life doing nothing.

  56. Will Tepedino says:

    I took the video as its a chance to do something knew for once and stop being bored. The world is a intresting place and you have to step out of your comfort zone and be more dog. School may be boring but everyday you learn something knew.

    Did it work know Dr

  57. Zac Bunder says:

    “Being More Dog” means to get out of your comfort zone and try new things with motivation and determination. If you try new things and explore different possibilities then life can be much more rewarding and fulfilling, like a dogs life compared to a cats.

  58. Keyara Henriques says:

    Period #3

    To me “Being more dog” means don’t stick to your normal, comfortable, boring routines and life. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone{even though your comfort zone is nice}. Don’t be cat, Be more dog!

  59. Jack Hartman says:

    “Be More Dog” means to not go along with what is normally accepted for you. To be different and stand out, be diverse, and not let society influence your actions

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