Writing a Thesis: An Interactive Foldable

This summer I have become obsessed with interactive notebooks. We know that in the real world scientists, writers, mathematicians, and historians all keep notebooks to collect their ideas, hypotheses, artifacts, and notes related to their interests and studies.  Why not have our students keep a notebook for the same purposes.  Interactive notebooks or journals are a place for students to house notes, ideas, and understandings. What makes an interactive notebook different from a journal is that interactive notebooks are three dimensional, colorful, include both teacher and student generated notes, and are a resource for key concepts and ideas.

There are some amazing teachers online who have created interactive notebook templates that are informative and engaging.  My FAVORITE interactive notebook ideas and lesson for reading literature and non fiction text come from Erin Cobb, middle school teacher and blogger.  If you are looking for interactive math journal ideas, teacher and blogger, Jen Runde, creates many ideas that pop off the pages of her students’ journals.

This summer I have been using the interactive notebooks with my summer school students and I am excited to start them with my middle school students this September.  Inspired by all the interactive notebook ideas that I have been pinning and reading  online, I have created my first interactive notebook foldable for my students on writing a thesis for a persuasive essay.

foldable 1 foldable 3 foldable 4

Click here for a free copy of the template and lesson created on writing a thesis for a persuasive essay.


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