Liebster Award Nomination


Blogger Kelly Cote of Getting to the Core in Third Grade has nominated me for a Liebster Award.  This award is for “up and coming” bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster actually means favorite in German.  Hence, the translation is “favorite blog award.”  Thank you to Kelly for nominating me.

In addition, I must share eleven random things about myself, answer 11 questions the nominator has posted, and choose 11 additional blogger for the Liebster Award.

Here is eleven things about me that you have always wanted to know but were afraid to ask:

1. I have two children ages 7 and 4.

2. I was born in Woodstock, NY.

3. My favorite musician at the current time (and always changing) is Matisyahu.

4. When I was in high school I worked for three different catering companies and have never lost a passion to bake and cook since then.  I read cookbooks weekly!

5. My doctorate dissertation was on the construction of adolescent girls in contemporary young adult fiction written between 1992 and 2002.

6. I love to travel and I hope one day to visit every continent and country.

7. I get sick on roller coasters.

8. I hate chocolate.

9. I wish I had more time to work out.

10. I believe in being kind to everyone – character matters more than grades.

11.  I am thankful everyday for the life that I have and my family.

Now, to answer the questions presented by my nominator:

1. Do you use blogging in your classroom?

I do use blogging in my classroom for project based learning.  My students post blog responses on our class wikis.

2. How long have you been teaching?

18 years

3. What was your first job?

Aside from babysitting as a teenager, my first jobs included a counselor as a sleep away camp for special needs children in the summer and catering year round.

4. How would you like people to remember you?

Hardworking, family oriented, and creative.

5. Who was your favorite teacher and what qualities did he or she possess?

My favorite teacher was Mr. Ball in 9th grade humanities because of his passion, energy and love of the material.  He inspired me with Greek Mythology and I was in awe when I had the opportunity to backpack in Greece and actually see the ancient ruins.

6. Share a favorite quote.

“Say yes to everything.”

7. How do you manage stress?

Go to bed and watch mindless television!

8. What is your favorite game?

Twister or Operation!

9. Mistletoe or Menorah?

10. Share one tip with new teachers.

Don’t listen to what other people want to tell you how to do things.  

11. Why did you choose teaching for your career?

I love learning and I am passionate about teaching.  If I couldn’t teach I do not know what I would do.  It is never boring, it keeps me on my toes, and it allows me to share my passions and interests with others.

My Liebster Award Nominations:

1. Tim Needles’ Art Room 161 has awesome art projects that are inspiring.  After a presentation at Edcape 2012, I just had to have my students create their own “What’s Your Sentence?” project which we posted on our class wiki.

2. Better Living Through Mathematics shows the reality that math is not “easy or fun” but has a mobile unit to promote mathematical thinking.  The reality is that there is math in everything we do, most of us take that for granted or just choose to ignore it.

3. Because no matter what you teach, you are still a reading teacher.  Literacy Across the Curriculum has great ideas for teachers to incorporate reading and writing across the curriculum in any content area.

4. Common Core – Visual Literacy for a New Generation brings insight into the visual aspects of reading, writing and critical thinking.  So important in our visual culture.

5. The best ideas come from teenagers when you are working with young people (teens and tweens).  I stumbled upon Karl Rivera‘s blog, a teen who blogs about social media and more.

6. Looking for educational apps and other new technology applications to use in your classroom?  Look no further than The Last Backpack Generation, a blog from Zachary Walker.

7. Seeds 4 Teaching to support other new bloggers.

8. I was first trained as a ITI Teacher (Integrated Thematic Instruction) and I have never left the idea of brain compatible learning in my classroom. For more ideas check out Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching.

And, some questions for my nominees:

1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

2. If you weren’t a teacher, what do you think you might be doing?

3. If you had the ability to travel to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

4. What can you not live without in your classroom?

5. What is the best advice that someone ever gave you?

6. Where do you see yourself 15 years from now?

7.  Who inspires you?

8. If someone was writing a book about you, what would the title be?

9. Favorite food?

10.  Favorite technology app?

11. What are the books on your nightstand right now?

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