15+ Encouraging Statements for Students

As the new school year begins we all want to start on the right foot.  Allen Mendler writes in When Teaching Gets Tough (ASCD, 2012), “Words of encouragement keep students connected and motivated.” He suggests to make it a habit of sharing at least one of these each day of 15 consecutive days to any student  who is giving you a hard time.”  Here are fifteen positive statements for students from Mendler and some additional encouraging statements to help keep students feeling positive about the work they do in our classrooms.

“That was really cool.”

“Wow, you really pushed yourself today, and it really worked out.”

“I was so impressed today when you . . .”

“That was awesome!”

“I hope that you feel proud because you should.”

“Thanks for putting a smile on my face.”

“Not exactly what I thought but very interesting.”

“It is not easy to . . . , but you are making it happen.”

“Your cooperation is really appreciated. Thanks.”

“That was flat-out good!”

“That was quiet an accomplishment.”



“You are really getting to where you need to be. Keep it going!”

“You really hung in there and completed the assignment, great work today.”

– – – –

“If you need help, you know where to find me.”

“Give me five!”

“Keep up the good work.”

“That was very creative.”

“I really liked what I saw from you in class today, it tells me that you are  . . .”

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