Inspiration & My Favorite TED Talks

Recently, while teaching a professional development workshop to middle school teachers on Integrating Technology to Enhance Digital Learners, one of the participants asked me, “Where do you learn about all the technology applications that are out there and how are you able to integrate these applications so quickly into your classroom instruction and assessments?”

I responded by saying I love learning and I never stop learning. What I read, see, and experience inspires my teaching. Project ideas have grown from podcasts I have heard on NPR, webinars of other teachers talking about what they do in their classroom, and also by watching a lot of videos on the internet. One particular site where I learn a lot is by watching and listening to TED talks. There are more than 10, 000+ videos to watch. Below I have embedded a few of my favorite that inspire my teaching, learning and understanding. Watch and enjoy, and then go find the TED videos that inspire you.

Thomas Suarez: 12 year old app developer

Poet and Storyteller, Rives, tells a story with emoticons

Gever Tulley & Life Lessons through Tinkering

Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn from Kids

Sir Ken Robinson on Schools Kill Creativity

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