Vote for Me “We Are Teachers” Contest

Full Sail University asked, 

“How do you engage students’ creativity and critical thinking skills at the same time?”

By submitting my idea I have a chance to win $100 in cash, an ipod touch and an ipad2 with an itunes gift card.  More than 270 ideas were submitted to We Are Teachers.  Below is the proposal I posted.  Please vote for me so that I can be one of the 5 teachers to win the loot!  

I Want Your Job: A Career Resource Wiki

Wikis are an ideal tool to engage students’ creativity and critical thinking skills at the same time. Projects created on the Wiki are student centered and modeled from real world topics to help students utilize technology, and higher levels thinking skills of Blooms Taxonomy’s. Students create wiki pages on various topics related to career exploration. Students will post Glogs about successful CEOS of companies like Google and Twitter, complete a college Webquest and compile career resources.


Learning Objectives:

Students will gain information about opportunities available to them outside of school to help determine personal goals and career aspirations. Students will examine the careers of various people by reading a variety of texts, viewing documentaries and talking to guest speakers who come to our class about their career paths. Students will utilize technology to record and report their understanding, learning and thinking regarding their own aspirations in connection to those studied.


Most of the resources students utilize will come from online. One documentary we will view is RoadTrip Nation and we will also contact people in the community to come and talk with students. Skype can also be used if we want to speak with people who are not able to meet us in our classroom. The Wiki will be designed using Wikispaces. Students will also complete a project where they interview someone about their own career and success (using a podcasting program online or flip camera).

Additional Information:

I teach a career exploration course to 7 and 8th graders in a suburban school outside of New York City. Most of what my students know about careers are those that their parents have and the careers that are highlighted in the media. Students rarely get to see the variety of careers that are out there or how people are making their own career paths. An interactive Wiki page and the utilization of other technology can show students that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom.

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