So, You Want to be a Glogster EDU Ambassador

Have you glogged lately? Glogs are online multimedia posters that allow a person to add text, images, videos, audio and data attachments to a graphic blog or poster. Glogs are a great classroom tool for teaching and at the same time, can be utilized by students to showcase their learning and understanding. The EDU portal of glogster is both teacher and student friendly.


For those who are already using Glogster EDU in your classroom, why not apply to be a Glogster EDU Ambassador? Glogster EDU is looking for innovative educators and dedicated teachers to participate in the Ambassador Academy. If accepted, Glogster Ambassadors will receive a free one-year license to Glogster EDU Premium, an Ambassador Certificate, free product training and invitations to Glogster EDU events as well as educational media recognition for you and your school. What do you have to do to become a Glogster EDU Ambassador, you ask? The application entails creating a Glogster, explaining your contributions to the Glog, and answering seven extended response questions about using Glogster. Successful applicants will then enter a two-month Ambassador Academy and must also meet the graduation requirements. For more information and the application go to Glogster EDU.


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