to facebook or not to facebook

Many of my friends, family and even my middle school students are addicted to social media, particularly Facebook.  People are always asking me and even inviting me to Facebook.  I struggle with this.  Of all the social media outlets available I continue to push Facebook aside.  I am not against Facebook by any means.  But is having a Facebook page necessary to continue to be tech savvy?  That is the question I continue to ask myself.

It is fascinating that so many corporations  (from a media literacy point of view) have Facebook pages and are even offering discounts and give-aways to make their customers friends.  It is a marketing phenomenon.  Are people jumping into liking and loving their favorite products to take part in the offers or is this display of brand loyalties connect with the psychology of self identity?  I am sure that there are many college classes in psychology, as well as mass marketing, that are examining the role of social media in the changing status of human relationships and branding.

For the time being, let’s partake in a poll.

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